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Grief Counseling Program Article on Dealing With Grief

Being present in one’s grief is important to properly be able to address it and cope with loss.

Please review our Grief Counseling Program

Please review our Grief Counseling Program

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program

The article, How Being Present In Your Grief Can Help You Move Beyond It, by Lena Franklin states,

“The fabric of humanity is made of many threads of emotional experience. One of those is grief. None of us are exempt from the grips of grief, and at some point on the journey of life, we’ll be faced with the death of a dear friend, parent, pet, spouse, or child. And actually, it’s this shared sense of grief that exists as the common denominator between human hearts. Grief penetrates the depths of our hearts, sinking into the recesses of our inner life. The path of mindfulness offers us a powerful way to turn toward our darkness to reignite our light for living.

Grief is like a cloud that dims our heart’s natural radiance. But it’s the courage to be present that dictates our true power to transform our relationship with grief and loss. Mindfulness is all about cultivating an intimate relationship with the present moment, intentionally and without judgment. Research shows that mindfulness can help move individuals through the stages of grief, decreasing anxiety and depression. When grief’s darkness comes upon us, mindfulness can help us return to our true selves.

That being said, it takes practice. Like doing bicep curls for your inner emotional well-being, practices of presence can help you walk alongside the loss of loved ones with grace and dignity. Here’s how:”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program


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