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Grief Counseling Program Article about Grief and Dementia

Good article on dealing with the grief associated with dementia

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program

The article, Grief Is A Struggle For Those Who Develop Dementia Early In Life, by John Davis states,

“Grief and loss are concepts typically associated with death, but they’re emotions that are equally applicable when people develop life-changing illnesses like dementia.

That was one of the themes that arose this week during the annual International Death, Grief and Bereavement Conference at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Erica Srinivasan, director of the university’s Center for Grief and Death, which hosts the conference, gave a presentation focusing on young-onset dementia and the experiences of people who develop it.

Much like one would expect to cope with grief surrounding a death, Srinivasan said those affected by these life changing events, whether it be a divorce or dealing with a long-term illness like dementia at a young age, need to recognize the need to grieve.

“They’re navigating their own losses throughout that illness process and anticipating their impending death and the caregiver too is coping with their own losses,” said Srinivasan “Both the person with dementia and their caregiver, they’re also grieving for each other and the losses they are experiencing.”

Young-onset dementia affects people who are younger than 65. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that of the 5.7 million people in the United States living with dementia, 200,000 have young-onset dementia.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program


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