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Grief Counseling Program Article on Losing a Child

After losing a child, the continuous grief can be something becomes a daily reality.  Although eventually adaptation to the pain emerges, one still experiences the pain.  It does not go away

Losing a child is a daily affair.  Please also review our grief counseling program

Losing a child is a daily affair. Please also review our grief counseling program

Please also review the grief counseling program to learn more.  In the meantime please review the article below on losing a child.

The article, Grief at losing a child is ‘a continuous, daily thing’, states

“A bereaved mother is encouraging Derry parents who have lost a child to come along to a support group meeting in the Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny this Thursday. Anam Cara, is hosting the meeting from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. One member said the grief from losing a child is “a continuous, daily thing” but meeting up and talking about it if you want to, can help. “Nothing is normal after the death of a child and it never will be again. Anam Cara helps,” she said. “People may say that after, for example, two years you should just be able to pull up your socks and get on with it, but life is not like that when you lose a child,” she added. “There is no timeline for getting over grief, it’s a continuous, daily thing. I would encourage any bereaved parents to come along. “I know that anything that is unknown is often really scary, however, it’s important people know there is no pressure or onus on anyone to talk at the meetings, just being there can help,” she added.”To read the entire article, click here

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