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Grief Counseling Training Article on Death and The Digital Age

Death is more common to other people through social media as individuals express sorrow and death of a loved on on their social media platforms.

Grief in the digital age.  Please also review our grief counseling training

Grief in the digital age. Please also review our grief counseling training

If you would like to learn more about grief counseling training then please review the program

The article, “Death In A Digital Age”, by Jeremy Fields,

“How digital has impacted on death and the funeral industry.

Social media now extends into every aspect of life, from parents posting 12 week scans on Facebook to friends setting up ‘in memory of’ pages to remember loved ones. Our digital footprint exists from cradle to grave and beyond, with digital communications changing the way we talk about death and even how we plan for it.

Breaking down boundaries

The internet is opening up the debate around death, helping to make dying less of a taboo. Take the moving example of Rosie Sara Choueka, a mum of two who penned a blog about her battle with terminal cancer, or Stephen Robert Sutton MBE, a teenage English blogger and terminally ill charity activist, who became famous for his ‘bucket list’ blog and fundraising efforts for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Social media provides a forum where many people feel more comfortable confronting the often difficult and upsetting issues surrounding death and dying. Twitter, particularly, is providing a place where people seem more inclined to talk about issues relating to bereavement and grief, using the ability to re-tweet and ‘like’ posts from a ‘safe’ distance.”

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