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Grief Counseling Training Article on Stillborn Grief

A very painful loss is having a stillborn for parents.  Many also suggest to let the family mourn with the body of the deceased newborn.   This is a traumatic time, especially for the woman who carried for nine months

The loss of a child at birth can be traumatic to a couple. Please also review our grief counseling training

The loss of a child at birth can be traumatic to a couple. Please also review our grief counseling training

If you would like to learn more about Grief Counseling Training, then please review

The article, A very private grief: the parents breaking the stillbirth taboo,  states

“Chris and his wife Danielle were delighted when she fell pregnant, and he recalls “getting to know” the baby in the womb. “I talked to him and played him music. I got stuff for him.” All seemed well and the couple had several scans until, at 25 weeks, Danielle became aware that the baby was not moving. When the couple went for a scan, they learned there was no heartbeat. Danielle vividly recalls the shock and anguish of being told her baby had died, and that she must give birth to her stillborn son, Mason.

The staff cleaned up the baby, dressed him in a tiny suit and took him to the parents in a moses basket. They spent the whole of the day with Mason until he was taken to have a postmortem done and then later moved to the funeral home. Danielle visited him every day. “He was just disintegrating in front of my eyes … But it didn’t make any difference to me. That was my little boy, I didn’t care what he looked like.”

Danielle and Chris had not even heard about stillbirth – the UK definition is a baby born with no signs of life at 24 or more weeks of gestation – when she became pregnant. They believed that once they had got past the vulnerable first three months, everything would be fine.”

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