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Health Care Case Managers: Using Case Management to Help a Child With Autism


Portland, Maine — Parents of children with autism are rightfully worried about the best path for their child.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Health Care Case Management is important in health care.  It is important in dealing with everything from a medical perspectiveOn many occasions, a case manager can be the difference in a family finding treatment or being billed correctly.

Health Care Case Managemers can also help children with autism.  Health Care Case managers can help families find cost friendly services to assist families.  Many families are not aware of many of the state aids that are available that good health care case managers can find for them.

Please review the article and in the meantime, if you have any interest in case management, or wish to become certified in case management, then please review the program.  To become certified as a health care case managers, qualified professionals need to take the five core courses in Case management.  After completion of the courses, the professional is eligible for certification.  Certification in case management lasts four years and can be renewed.

In the meantime, health care case managers should enjoy the blog and read the articles.  If you are not a case manager, then still stay and catch up on some important issues in health care, or feel free to browse our site or other blogs that we have.



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