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Health Care IT Worker Shortage

Health Care IT or HIT as some circles refer to the field as, is looking at a large scale qualified worker shortage.  Health Care Information Technology will play a key part in the future of health care and modern medicine.  With the technological advances in our health care system, workers who understand the information technology field are going to be needed to implement these changes.   Gone are the days when a doctor kept paper records on his or her patients.   Now everything is going on databases and computer files for quick and easy background information.   Doctors are reaching for social media to connect with their patients.   People are going to internet sites like WebMD for advice as well.   Please review below for more on this story.

By Bernie Monegain
From Health Care IT News

Looming Health Care IT Shortage.

“The challenge for healthcare is not just a shortage of people with technical skills. It’s also a shortage of people with the skills to marry technological savvy with business strategy as healthcare becomes more connected, coordinated and accountable,” said Daniel Garrett, principal and PwC’s Health Information Technology practice leader, in a news release. “Despite billions of dollars spent investing in HIT, the lack of qualified professionals could slow progress toward quality and efficiency. The benefits of HIT will not be realized until organizations can ensure information is unlocked and integrated in a way to best inform critical business and clinical decision-making.”

For the full article Click Here

computer lab with students studying

Health care IT is the future of Health care. Start your career today!

Health Care IT is going to be a big part of health care.   If you are tech savvy and interested in a career on the cutting edge of medical science then perhaps you might want to look into health care information technology as a possible career choice.

For more information on earning a Health Care Information Technology certificate please visit our site for details.

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