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Health Coach Advice: Workout Recovery

A young man obviously tired from working out

Exercising is great but you need to let your body recover too!

Just finished a high intensity workout and now wondering what should you be eating or drinking to refuel your body?   Lucky for you there is expert Health Coach advice to tell you just what you need to do.  Most health coaches will tell you that diet and exercise need to go hand in hand.   You cannot push yourself to the limits without properly fueling your body to do so.   For more on how to properly recover from a tough workout please review the following:

By Maura Manzo
From Be Well Philly

Health Coach Help for a Quick Workout Recovery

Dear Maura,

For a high-level athlete, how much rest is best after high-impact competition?

~ Kristie (via Twitter)


Hi Kristie,

Thanks for tweeting me your question. To be honest, this is a little out of my area of expertise, so I reached out to my boy, Jay Ross. Jay is owner and head coach at CrossFit Conshococken and has his master’s degree in sports and exercise psychology. Here’s what he had to say. (And for the record, I agree with all of it!):

For the full answer please go here.

A health coach can be your best friend when you start seriously working out.   Remember you do not have to do it all alone.   There are health care coaches that will do their best to answer your questions and make sure you get the most out of your diet and exercise.

A man asleep in bed with his dog sleeping on top of him

You and your training partner need plenty of sleep to recover.

If you feel you would make a great health coach then maybe you would be interested in a health care coach certification?


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