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Healthcare Case Management Article on Disease Management

A key component of Healthcare Case Management is disease management.   In controlling and helping patients recover safely and without spreading disease is key to case managers in the healthcare field.

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please also review our healthcare case management program.

The article, Chronic Disease Management Important in Healthcare, by Heather Vita states

“Chronic Disease Management is an important part of the health care system across the North West LHIN as the region faces a higher-than-average prevalence of chronic disease. This has led dedicated health service providers to work with patients/clients and their families to manage chronic disease, chronic pain, and diabetes in new ways.

One of the newer ways care providers in the Northwest are trying to help people live more comfortably while managing chronic disease is by equipping these people with the tools to manage chronic disease more independently. This approach, provided through the North West Community Care Access Centre’s (CCAC) Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), maintains the support and expertise care providers have always provided, while adding a level of prevention, independence and individualization to chronic disease management that was not common in the past.

“When we are empowered, supported and trained, we are more likely to improve our overall health and decrease the need for dependence on the health care system,” says Michael McBride, Chronic Disease Self-Management Training Supervisor, North West CCAC, located in Thunder Bay. “The program works because it is based on evidence that when we learn in a nurturing environment led by our peers, we build our own self-efficacy and confidence after learning from others who have travelled a similar path.”

To read the entire article, please click here

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