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Healthcare Case Management Article on Healthcare Issues

We talk so much about health care that we sometimes forget the most important thing, health itself.  This article goes into this issue deeper and explains somethings about healthcare and health.

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please also review our healthcare programs.  We offer a comprehensive healthcare case management program for qualified professionals.

The article, “The One Important Thing Missing From the Health Care Debate” by Jeffrey Pfeffer states,

It may explain why life expectancies has stopped increasing.

You may have seen the big news on health care: Aetna is going to stop offering individual health insurance policies on the health exchanges in 11 of the 15 states where it operates. Aetna AET -0.31% follows the lead of another large health insurer, United Health UNH -0.47% , which announced in April that it was withdrawing from almost all of the health insurance marketplaces where it operated.

The problem: the companies were losing money (or weren’t making enough) to continue to offer health insurance coverage. Meanwhile, health insurance rates for individuals are soaring, with insurance companies seeking rate increases of 20 to 40%. And on many health exchanges, with the withdrawal or bankruptcy of health insurance providers, consumers will have little choice—frequently just one plan to choose from.


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