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Healthcare Case Management Certification Article on Outcome Management

Outcome management is an important element in healthcare case management.

Please review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

Please review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

The article, How Hospitals Are Using Patient-Reported Outcomes to Improve Care,  states

“Increasingly, physicians’ every action and outcome is measured and reported. The data-gathering process can be frustrating, and many clinicians are growing skeptical of its clinical value. For them, outcomes measurement may seem like just another reimbursement requirement or process compliance task. However, measuring patient-reported outcomes (PROs) — patients’ own accounting of their symptoms, functional status, and quality of life — can and should be a clinical tool. In the past year, there has been a flurry of announcements by international organizations and governments declaring their commitment to making PROs a centerpiece of quality assessment. As outcomes-measurement programs move from individual hospital-led initiatives to large-scale, top-down efforts, it’s critical that clinicians are engaged in the change and understand the potential for PRO measurement to improve the care they provide.

Here we describe three examples of clinicians who are using outcomes measurement to improve clinical care. Communicating successes like these is a powerful way to bring other physicians on board.”

To read the entire article, please click here


Also please review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

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