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Healthcare Case Management Certification Article on Revenue Cycle

Good article on revenue cycle.

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

If you would like to learn more about healthcare case management, then please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

The article, “4 Key Ways to Improve Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management” by

Jacqueline Belliveau states,

“There is always room for improvement” should be healthcare revenue cycle management’s mantra. Declining claims reimbursement rates, the shift to value-based purchasing, and evolving health policies keep revenue cycle leaders constantly seeking new strategies for improving the financial health of their practice or hospital.

But simply cutting costs and improving efficiencies within a healthcare organization is easier said than done. Unlike other industries, healthcare consumers rely on providers to do whatever is possible to improve their health and organizations do not usually turn away patients in need.

Hospitals and practices also interact with several payers before receiving complete payment for services. The maze of payer rules for claims reimbursement and the popularity of high-deductible health plans has revenue cycle managers reaching out to several points-of-contact to obtain a piece of the payment.

New trends, such as value-based reimbursement and healthcare consumerism, also continue to change the way care is paid for and delivered. Organizations must respond to consumer and market demands to keep their doors open.

The challenges of the healthcare industry have always complicated revenue cycle management. However, practice and hospital leaders can implement these four strategies for lasting healthcare revenue cycle management excellence.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

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