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Healthcare Case Management Program Article and Employee Clinic Costs

Good article for those in the industry of healthcare.

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Program

The article, “Health care costs drive employee clinics Government agencies, large companies providing on-site care” by Brie Handgraaf states

“While Congress is preparing for open-heart surgery on the Affordable Care Act, local companies are applying a tourniquet to manage health care expenses and provide for employee wellness.

“From an operational perspective, health insurance is always going to be there, and when it comes to managing costs, it is one of the first pieces looked at,” said Wilson Deputy City Manager Harry Tyson. “It does have an impact on the number of police cars on the street or firefighters on payroll because that money has to come from somewhere.

“We are not alone in looking at how to manage health care expenses.”

After the bulk of the Affordable Care Act provisions came into effect in 2014, companies felt the financial bleed. One way the city and other organizations addressed the issue was by opening a health clinic for employees. Wilson’s Employee Health and Wellness Center, which sits in the parking lot of the city’s operations center on Herring Avenue, has a nurse and a nurse practitioner available five days a week to treat acute and chronic symptoms.

“If an employee thinks they have the flu or a sinus infection, they used to have to take off work and go to urgent care, but now they can get seen almost immediately and get the care they need,” Tyson said.

For an asthmatic like city spokeswoman Rebecca Agner, the center makes it easy to manage chronic conditions with no office visit costs. Wilson Human Resources Director Agnes Speight said the health care center also helps cut the city’s expenses.

“We’re preventing visits to the emergency department, urgent care and even primary physicians in some cases,” Speight said.

The center supplements medical treatment from primary care physicians with the hope employees will better manage their health. BB&T also has a clinic on Tarboro Street for employees of the banking company, which opened in January of 2015.

“We’ve seen an increase in the compliance of associates in managing their health issues with the availability, ease of access and no cost for utilizing the clinics,” said David R. White, BB&T vice president of corporate communications. “In addition, minor acute medical conditions can be handled quickly and conveniently for our associates in the clinics.”

To read the entire article please click here

Please also review our healthcare case management program

Please also review our HealthCare Case Management Program

Please also review our HealthCare Case Management Program

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