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Healthcare Case Management Program Article on Healthcare Coverage and Small Businesses

Good article about the issues of healthcare coverage and small businesses.

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please also review our healthcare case management program

The article, “No Good Options: Healthcare is a painful topic for small business owners” by Peri Kinder states

“Owners of very small businesses—those with fewer than 50 employees—are not required by the Affordable Care Act to provide health coverage to their employees. But that doesn’t mean those employers don’t feel a sense of obligation to their employees or struggle with the decision to forgo a company plan.

Especially since the ACA also mandates that each person have health insurance or face penalties. The individual mandate affects the business owners themselves, who must purchase insurance plans for themselves and their families. For self-employed business owners, health coverage is an ongoing battle between finding affordable medical insurance and being able to cover enough operating costs to keep their company viable.

Rebecca Yates, president of Ark Insurance Solutions, is the owner of five business ventures and does not offer health insurance to her employees. Wanting to provide a level of assistance for her workers, Yates conducted a health insurance analysis to determine which option would work best for their families. After talking with each of her employees, she decided against a company-backed plan.

“It would have cost $400 a month per employee with the company picking up half of that cost,” she says. “But through the exchange, which is based on income and number of kids, they could get policies for $20 a month. My employees were better served by not offering insurance because if it is offered, and considered affordable, the employees can no longer get a subsidy through healthcare.gov.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our healthcare case management program

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