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Healthcare Case Management Program Article on HIV Case Management

It is important to have good records and monitoring for HIV.  Good healthcare case management can be critical for survival in these types of diseases

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Program to learn more about becoming a certified Healthcare Case Manager

Please review our healthcare case management program

Please review our healthcare case management program

The article, Intense Case Management Is Strong Medicine for HIV, by

Robert Calandra states

“New York State’s Target Case Management (TCM) program is successful in helping people with HIV stick to their treatment and improves outcomes. But can the program work for other chronic illnesses?

“I think so,” says Mark Brennan-Ing, lead author of a study of the program published last year in PLOS ONE. “Any individual who has complex needs or is having trouble managing their medical and mental health issues really needs this kind of support.”

The comprehensive case management program was created in 1990 by New York state to help people with mental health and substance abuse issues stay engaged in their care. Clients tend to have lower incomes and less education than average. Most are uninsured or are covered by Medicaid or some other public insurance entity. Many are straight and their health is not good—many have multiple health issues—and their social support network is weak.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Also please review our Healthcare Case Management Program

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