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Healthcare Life Coach Article on Weight-Loss Strategies That Truly Threaten Your Health

If you’ve ever had difficulty losing weight, you know what it’s like to feel desperate. You might even make some questionable decisions to help move the process along. If so, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone does at some point in their dieting life.
The problem is that while some weight-loss strategies are just unpleasant, others are downright dangerous. If you’ve embarked on a new weight-loss strategy, you’ll want to check your program against the list in this article. This list contains some of the most dangerous weight-loss mistakes that people can make.

Please also review our healthcare life coach program

Please also review our healthcare life coach program

1. Detox Diets
Money Crashers points out that many dieters look to detox diets for quick weight loss results. However, these diets also come with their own dangers. People who undergo rapid weight loss plans such as this one end up tired and irritable. They also lose muscle mass, which they need to lose weight. It’s better to eat a healthy diet over the long haul than to go on a detox diet.
2. Starvation Diets
The promise of quick weight loss traps many people: Starvation diets count among those types of weight-loss strategies. People who embark on starvation diets not only don’t get the nutrition they need, they also set themselves up for conditions like anorexia nervosa.
The challenge with this and other eating disorders is that they may be difficult to overcome and may require some advanced treatment measures. According to Reasons Eating Disorder Center, these treatments could include inpatient therapies as well as hospitalization. In light of this, the dieter is better off cutting fewer calories and allowing him/herself to lose the weight at a slower pace.
3. Too Much Exercise
Exercising counts among the best ways to keep yourself healthy. However, if you’re in the habit of over-exercising because you’ve overeaten, you may be overdoing it. This practice can lead to exhaustion and injury. And if you do get injured, you lose the opportunity exercise and burn calories. Keeping your exercise routine consistent, whether you overeat or not, will set you up for some healthier habits in the long run.
4. Not Enough Variety
The dieter who sticks to a high-variety diet experiences better health than dieters who follow rigid diets. Rigid dieters typically don’t get a variety of nutrients. Some of them also tend to overeat, which actually makes them gain weight. Finally, the people who practice rigid dieting deal with more negative consequences like negative body obsession and mood problems than those who don’t. A diet filled with variety of healthy foods works best to counteract the effects of rigid dieting.
Many dieters wind up following some dangerous weight-loss plans because these programs promise quick weight loss. However, quick weight loss is rarely healthy. Injuries, eating disorders, and too few nutrients are just some of the after effects of questionable weight-loss strategies.
If you’re considering a new weight loss plan have it checked out by a doctor to ensure that you’re following a healthy eating habit. The same goes for a new exercise routine. Taking these steps ensures your good health and vitality remains after your weight-loss efforts end.


About the author: Anica is a professional content and copywriter from San Francisco, California. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.


Please also review our Healthcare Life Coach program

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