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Healthcare Management Certification Article on Modernizing Care

Good article on modernizing care management.

Please also review our Healthcare Management Certification.

The article, Modernizing care management: Data, analytics and workflows, states

Please review our Healthcare Management Certification

Please review our Healthcare Management Certification

What are the key issues confronting healthcare today?

There are macro trends affecting the entire industry ― consumerism, the continuing march toward value, providers creating health plans and health plans becoming providers ― but as a systems integrator, I’ll focus on three pressing issues specific to healthcare IT.

Silos: Simply installing myriad applications driving silos of functionality ― the approach of the past 15 years ― will not support a provider’s movement to value. The market needs industrialized, solutions of scale that modernize care coordination across the silos. Mobile solutions like an iPhone app to look up the cost of a service, a patient portal to schedule an exam, a Fitbit-like tracker to monitor vitals ― these pile up, but who’s integrating them into a single platform that provides a holistic view of a patient? These innovations may be exciting, potentially revolutionary, but nothing connects them. Increasingly, you’ll see the importance of world-class systems integration that extends beyond the acute care hospital and really spans home-to-home care management.

Cybersecurity: The healthcare industry is under constant attack. But the systems architecture in most places cannot resist the advanced methods that we, as a government-grade systems integrator, see around the world. There should be meaningful shifts in the way cybersecurity is prioritized, dealt with and delivered. This must go beyond packet and log inspection, beyond security operations center services, and especially beyond just paying fines and buying insurance. None of these protects patients.

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Please also review our Healthcare Management Certification

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