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Holistic Nursing Certification Article on Alternative Cancer Therapies

Good article about alternative cancer therapies and how they can help with cancer survival.

Natural remedies can help.  Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

Natural remedies can help. Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification to learn more

The article, Alternative cancer therapies: the potential impact on survival, states

“Patients have the right to decide what treatment, if any, they want to have. But it’s incredibly important that the decisions people make are based on accurate information, allowing them to weigh up the pros and cons of the treatment options before them.

But where can patients get this accurate information? Search the internet, and you’ll find trustworthy, evidence-based sources (like our web pages and the NHS website). But you’ll also quickly land on many promises of miracle cancer cures. While there’s often no scientific evidence to back many of the miracle claims made online, counter arguments put forward by those selling or advocating for alternative therapies often state that ‘there’s no evidence to say they don’t work either’.

Proving that something definitely doesn’t work is much harder than showing something does. We’ve written several articles questioning the claims behind alternative treatments, conspiracy theories, and the harms that alternative therapies can cause patients.

In this post, we’re using ‘alternative’ to describe treatment that’s used instead of conventional medicine.

Now, a researcher in the US has taken a step towards collecting robust evidence to measure the harm of alternative therapy. And the numbers he has calculated have helped put an estimate on the negative impact alternative therapies might be having on survival.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification


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