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Holistic Nursing Certification Article on Alternative Medicine

Good article on alternative medicine.

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification to learn more about becoming certified and working in the field of Holistic Nursing

The article, Slow Medicine: One More Thing About Alternative Medicine, by Michael Hochman states,

“In a recent post, we discussed the interplay between Slow Medicine and complementary and alternative approaches to clinical care. We concluded in our piece that these two approaches share important values, including an emphasis on simple lifestyle strategies for maintaining wellness and managing disease.

However, as Slow Medicine practitioners, we are more cautious about complementary and alternative therapies, some of which are costly and unproven, and increasingly have been linked to adverse effects. Our piece emphasized the need for greater rigor in evaluating the benefits and risks of complementary and alternative approaches.

In response, we received a number of thoughtful critiques from complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. One clinician noted: “I am living proof (as are many of my clients) of the effectiveness of alternative therapies for preventing, treating, and curing disease. This article sounds like the conventional ‘naysayers’ are running scared … worried that their profits will be diminished?”

Another comment read: “Of course, small companies marketing unpatentable herbs cannot fund megatrials, but it’s often perfectly reasonable for consumers to make choices based on inconclusive information, such as small trials and animal studies, and/or traditional knowledge.”

To read the entire article, please click here


Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

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