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Holistic Nursing Certification Article on Veterans and Alternative Treatments

Good article on how holistic and alternative treatments can help veterans find peace in civilian life

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification

The article, Holistic treatments help many veterans, by Chuck N. Baker states,


“Last year in one of my columns, I briefly discussed holistic medicine and efforts that the Department of Veterans Affairs had been taking to include such treatments in its care of veterans. Since then, the VA has made some additional efforts to include nontraditional treatments.

I recently attended a gathering in California of Heaven & Earth Oasis. Founded by Valerie Heath, the nonprofit outfit provides professional holistic healing treatments to the public. But veterans are treated at no cost whatsoever.

Heath once sold telephone equipment to the military coast to coast. She talked with active-duty soldiers and veterans who worked for the military.

“I heard their stories,” she said. “I realized many of them needed help.”

She had begun learning about various techniques to help individuals with emotional problems, and she became an expert in Reiki and other therapies. Over time she felt that veterans who have difficulty connecting with traditional medicine could benefit from a holistic approach. Five years ago she opened Heaven & Earth Oasis in Los Angeles and decided to help veterans at no cost.

Today, she has a staff of 10 holistic healers and several other volunteers. She relies on nonveterans who pay for her services, along with donations and large public events such as golf tournaments and lunches. And she said that, while the VA has begun to offer more of what her group does, it has a long way to go.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Certification


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