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Holistic Nursing Program Article on Alternative Pain Treatments

Good article on managing pain without medications.  With so much addiction due to opioids, this is a good strategy to help teach pain management without medications when applicable.

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Program

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Program

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Program

The article, Exploring the alternatives: Local experts weigh in on managing pain without medication, states

As concerns about traditional prescription painkillers’ addictive properties have reached new heights, a renewed focus has been placed on alternative pain management and relief strategies.

Acupuncture, chiropractic care and nutritional supplements are some of the methods being touted at a time when overdoses and deaths linked to opioids and other prescription medications are grabbing headlines.

Nutritional supplements

“I was in the industry at a time when we would give these things away like candy,” Sunday Muniz, a licensed pharmacist, said of opioids. Muniz currently sells a variety of holistic wellness products at Nutritional Designs, 5220 Washington Ave., Suite 101, Racine.

On any given day, Muniz said she meets with multiple customers who are trying to find relief from a range of physical ailments.

“We try to guide people in the right direction,” Muniz said. “You’ve got to start somewhere.”

Part of the process, she said, includes education — whether it be magnesium’s many benefits, the role such essential oils as wintergreen play on relieving joint pain, or the critical importance vitamin D plays in a body’s overall health.

For Muniz, the foray into nutritional supplements came from personal experience. After pregnancy, she suffered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and was desperately seeking solutions.

“I was looking for any options out there, and that’s when the supplement world opened up to me,” Muniz said. “It’s about helping the body help itself.”


To read rest of the article, please click here

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Program


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