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Holistic Nursing Program Article on Benefits of Kale

Good article on the benefits of Kale Juice.

Please review our Holistic Nursing Program

Please review our Holistic Nursing Program

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Program.  Registered nurses can enter into this program and use alternative forms of treatment to compliment their primary nursing practice.

The article, Kale Juice Benefits, by Lilly Greene states,

“You mean to tell me there are health benefits to kale juice? It sounds more like you are drinking seaweed juice than drinking kale juice. But these days it seems like kale juice is a popular health drink to consume. But why is kale juice so beneficial for us? Why does it seem to be growing in popularity as well? Years ago drinking kale juice was for health benefits was unheard of. But in this day and age of health consciousness, it has become a regular occurrence. We will explore the health benefits of kale juice in this article. So, please read on.

People say that you will either hate or love kale. Why can’t there be an in between and you just like kale? Why do you have to hate it? It might be the taste is so bad to those who hate it that they cannot stand it. Or those who adore the taste love kale. It all comes down to individual taste buds. You know it might be that people tolerate eating it because of the excellent health benefits it will provide. It is cabbage after all and it seems like people gravitate toward the hate side of cabbage. But that is unfortunate because it may be green and leafy and tasteless but it has a lot of nutrients. It is also healthier than broccoli, spinach, chard as far as nutrients are concerned.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Holistic Nursing Program

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