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How Can I Become A Legal Nurse Consultant?

Are you interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant ?

Are you interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant ?


There are many people who are becoming interested in starting a career as a legal nurse consultant. This is a popular career path, because it is challenging …

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This video brought to you by AIHCP covers the basics for what a certification in Legal Nurse Consulting is all about and what it takes to become one.

To become certified, a qualified nurse must complete the required courses in Legal Nurse Consulting at the College of Legal Nurse Consulting, part of AIHCP.  After completing these online continuing education courses, the applicant is eligible for certification.  Certification lasts three years and is renewed.

Keep in mind for those seeking answers on Legal Nurse Consulting that it is a certified field and not a licensed one.  Hence it is not regulated by the state.  Qualified nurses are certified by professional organizations, such as AIHCP.

If you are a nurse and have an interest in the legal field, then maybe this certification fits your professional needs.  If so, please review our program and see if becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant is a good move for you


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