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Is There a Diet for ADHD?


THAT 6-year-old Davin Schulson can make his own lunch (homemade citrusade, chicken tacos and raspberry-watermelon frozen pops) is no surprise. The eldest son of celeb chef-restaurateur Michael…

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Perfect Diet for ADHD – Avoid Sugars and Dyes!

As doctors push to use treatments for ADHD that involve medication and drugs some are asking can dieting treat ADHD?     As it turns out dieting can help control ADHD.    It just depends on what foods our children eat.

Obviously the less processed sugars and sweets in the diet the easier it will be to control ADHD.    Foods like white breads, pasta with sweeter sauces and soda should be avoided.   However it can also go beyond carbs and sugars.    Food dyes can have just as much if not greater impact.   Yellow 5 and blue 1 are in a lot of foods and you need to keep an eye out for them.  They should have no place in an ADHD diet.

In a perfect diet for ADHD stick to fresh vegetables, whole foods and homemade meals.    If you can control what is going into what you eat, you can eliminate most of the artificial and processed “garbage”.    Remember natural and organic foods are best.

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