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Legal Nurse Consultant Article on Delegation of Care to a Patient

Good article about the legality of patient care and who a professional can delegate certain patient cares to.

Please review our legal nurse consultant program

Please review our legal nurse consultant program

Please also review our Legal Nurse Consultant Program

The article, Can I Delegate This Task to a Medical Assistant?, by Carolyn Buppert states

“An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) working in an urgent care setting has a question about the role of medical assistants.

According to the Texas State Board of Nursing delegation rules, an APRN cannot delegate medication administration or injections to a medical assistant. The supervising physician for the clinic (who has his own private practice and is not physically located at the urgent care center) says that delegation to the medical assistant “is done all the time.” I understand that the physician can delegate to a medical assistant in his or her office practice. To delegate these tasks to a medical assistant, this supervising physician wants the APRNs to write the order for the medication or injection and then add “as ordered by supervising physician,” with the rationale that it’s acceptable because it means that the order for the injection or medication comes from him. He states that this is “how we can get by with it.” I disagree. I feel responsible for the orders I write and am uncomfortable with this plan for getting around the state law.


To read the entire article, please click here


Please also review our Legal Nurse Consultant Program

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