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Legal Nurse Consulting Nightmare! Organ Thrown Away.

A nurse with her hands on her head like she just made a mistake

Mistakes can happen. That is why proper training in the nursing field is a must!

Sometimes in the medical field mistakes are made and legal nurse consulting professionals are needed to address the situation.     Sometimes these medical mistakes make the national news.   In the University of Toledo Medical Center, the organ transplant department accidentally threw away a waiting patient’s new kidney.   Imagine the legal nightmare, a donor gives their kidney away to someone who needs it to later find out that the hospital threw it away.  For the full article please read below.

From Huffington Post

Hospital Accidentally Throws Kidney Away

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Health officials and a consulting surgeon are reviewing a living-donor kidney transplant program that’s been temporarily suspended by a northwest Ohio hospital, where a donated kidney apparently was put with medical waste instead of going to the intended recipient in what medical experts describe as a rare accident.

The University of Toledo Medical Center apologized and put two nurses and an administrator of surgical services on paid leave without public explanation following the Aug. 10 error. It also sent letters notifying 975 patients and potential organ donors and recipients that they may need to make other arrangements for services typically provided through the program under review.

Mistakes like these can cost a hospital a lot in legal fees and law suits.   This is why trained legal nurse consultants are needed in the medical field.    Everyone makes mistakes and it is the job of legal nurse consulting professionals to review the case and make sure everyone is legally taken care of.

If you are interested in a legal nurse consulting certification then you might want to check out our webpage.

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