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Legal Nurse Consulting Program Article on Hospital Consent

Good article on hospitals and informed consent with patients

Please also review our Legal Nurse Consulting Program

Please also review our Legal Nurse Consulting Program


Please review our Legal Nurse Consulting Program

The article, Do hospitals always tell patients all they need to know? Why informed consent is key, states

“Deepa* was scheduled to undergo a surgery at a leading private hospital for which she had to undergo blood tests. However, without her consent or her family’s, the hospital proceeded to conduct an HIV test on her. They only learnt of what the hospital had done when they saw the test results. Enraged, her family is now fighting a legal battle against the hospital.

Consent is key in hospitals. The patient has the right to know what treatments and tests they are undergoing, and have the right to say no when they want to.

However, what happens most of the times is the staff merely directs the patients where to sign, without telling them what each form really stands for, mostly always rushing patients through the process of signing consent forms.

And very often, patients repose their trust in these hospitals and blindly sign the forms without reading the terms and conditions.

Hospitals, teaching or non-teaching, are legally bound to brief the patients about treatment options, the benefits as well as the risks involved and take the consent of the patients if they choose to undergo the treatment. Treatment cannot even be started unless the patient gives their consent.”

To read the entire article please click here

Please also review our Legal Nurse Consulting Program


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