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Life Coaches: Tips for Running Your Best Race

Three Coaching Tips to Help Someone Run His Best Race

 life coaches

life coaches

Life Coaches can help their clients achieve many things in life.  Some life coaches deal with helping people reach physical goals such as races or running.

The September 2010 edition of Runner’s World, the article “Personal Best” lists three psychological tips to run one’s best race.

First, it lists pacing oneself.  Starting out to fast can lead one to quickly wearing out.  Gradually work your way up before you put into in “fifth gear”.

The second pointer includes practice talking.  Practice talking is a mental technique to coach oneself.  Key short mantras can help motivate one to achieve certain goals.

Finally, smile.  A postitive attitude can help bring out one’s best.

With these things in mind, one will be able to maximize one’s physical training prior to the race to high results during the race.  What separates equally talented athletes is mindset.  What is your mindset?

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