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Link Between ADHD and Omega-3

A child screaming into the camera

Does ADHD make you want to scream?

Many parents with children who suffer from ADHD are always looking for ways to help their children.   They are also always looking for alternatives to ADHD drugs.  From proper diet and exercise to supplements have been used.    This is why news of something new is so exciting.    A study is showing a link between attention deficit disorder and omega-3 fatty acids.   Omega-3 fatty acids effect behavior, learning and our overall mood.   For more please read below:

By Massey University
From Phys.org

How ADHD could be helped by Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Dr Richardson’s research into how nutrition (and particularly fatty acids) can affect behaviour, learning, and mood is aimed at developing new methods of identification and management that will have practical benefits.

For the full article please go here.

Of course there is always more scientific testing to see if Omega-3s have a strong effect on ADHD.   This does not mean you should wait to start incorporating more Omega fatty acids into your child’s diet.     A good source of it is fish.   Fish is a lean protein and should be a part of any proper diet.

A plate of fish sticks

If your children do not like eating fish filets then give them fish sticks!

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