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Meditation Instructor Certification Article on Essential Oils

Good article on six essential oils that can help one with meditation.

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Program

The article, “6 Essential Oils For Meditation That’ll Help You Clear Your Mind & Find Your Center” by  Annakeara Stinson states

“Meditation is one of those things that is at once profoundly simple, and yet somehow really difficult, too. But it’s also one of those things that seems too beneficial not to try. Of course, there are a few tools that make it a little easier, like essential oils for meditation, which can help set the mood and calm your mind so you’re actually able to get your zen on.

Essential oils are the main component of aromatherapy, which is the practice of using fragrant oils derived from plants by a process of distillation. These fragrances are thought to carry the medicinal properties of the plant when inhaled, by either triggering the olfactory system in the brain, or entering into the bloodstream.

So the idea behind using essential oils during meditation is to find scents that sort of target the things that make the practice more difficult, such as a racing mind, lingering stress, or overall restlessness. Of course, the benefits of meditation — including reduced stress, a boosted immune system, and improved focus and memory — already work to combat all of these difficulties, but essential oils simply make the whole experience more enjoyable, and maybe even more approachable.

So, whether you’re diffusing some of these scents in your bedroom, or slathering a little lotion onto your arms at the office while you take a quick, five-minute break, these oils might just make the whole experience better than you ever could have imagined.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Meditation Instructor c

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