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Meditation Instructor Certification Article on Meditation and Miscarriages

Losing a child during pregnancy can be very difficult.  Miscarriages can cause trauma and great loss.   Meditation can help.

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification

The article, Practicing mindfulness and meditation after a miscarriage, by Ashley Nguyen states,

“After the birth of her daughter, Christina Barger miscarried twice. When she got pregnant with her son, it was an “anxiety-provoking time,” Barger says. Instead of being excited, she was worried and stress-ridden. A nurse, she once checked her blood pressure, noticed it was high, and, fearing preeclampsia, called her doctor in a panic. He reassured her nothing was wrong.

“You need to sit down,” she recalls him telling her. “You need to relax. You need to get something to eat. Something to drink. Take a couple Tylenol.”

So, she listened.

“I knew I needed to calm the hell down,” Barger, now 31, says. She went into her office, unhooked the landline and turned on a 10-minute meditation using an app called Expectful. The app is designed for hopeful, expectant and soon-to-be moms, and it has a series of 10- and 20-minute meditations for each stage of the pregnancy process.

After meditating, she checked her blood pressure again. It had gone down. From then on, whenever Barger was having a rough day, she repeated this process.

“Ten minutes was all I could possibly begin to afford at work,” Barger says. “But it was enough to bring [my blood pressure] down to a range where I could stay at work, cope and be okay.”


To read the entire article, please click here


Please also remember to review our Meditation Instructor Certification


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