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Meditation Instructor Program Article on Anxiety

Good article about meditation and how it can help calm and bring peace to those suffering from anxiety.  Anxiety can be a huge issue for some and meditation can help

Try meditation to overcome anxiety and also review our meditation instructor program

Try meditation to overcome anxiety and also review our meditation instructor program

Please also review our Meditation Training Instructor Program

The article, The Science Behind Meditation As A Treatment For Anxiety, states

“While doing this, you are not only doing something with your short term stress, you are also conditioning yourself for the longer term. Keep thinking the same negative type of thought often enough, and you’ll make this conditioning worse and worse, with which you’ll able to stress yourself out 1) much more and 2) in a much shorter amount of time.

This is also how phobias arise. You’ll keep adding more to the conditioning by thinking the wrong way.

People get caught in the negative train of thoughts if they have belief in the thought, and if they have enough time on their hands not having a mind consuming task at hand. A task like surviving.

We have it too easy, nowadays, compared to the people we evolved from. We have more time on our hands to condition ourselves the wrong way. Our default mode network is the part of our brains where we think this way. It is also called the “task negative network”, because it shuts down as soon as you have a task at hand.

What meditation does, is that it stops the default mode network by giving us a task: the focus on the object of meditation. Furthermore, it stops the belief in the thought, because thoughts are clearly impersonal (Anatta) if you’ve spent enough time meditating. Thoughts are just mere results of the impersonal conditioning in your mind. Conditioning that the real you doesn’t want. And lastly, mindfulness meditation changes the conditioning by focusing on anxiety in a mindful way, which disconnects the “sensations part” of anxiety that’s stored within the Amygdala from the unpleasantness caused by the Anterior cingulate cortex. We intuitively think of anxiety as simply “bad sensations”, but it’s really a neutral signal that happens to normally be connected to the “unpleasantness” center. We have a hard time separating them, by years of unseparated association.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our meditation instructor program


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