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Meditation Instructor Program Article on Depression and Meditation

Good article on the power of meditation to help someone with depression

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Program

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Program

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Program as well.

The article, Nothing worked for my depression — until I tried meditation, by Keri Wiginton states,

“I’ve been on the wrong side of happy since I was 4, when my parents split. I don’t remember a sense of devastation, but I doubt this was a coincidence. An adverse childhood event such as divorce increases the risk of depression, especially when coupled with my father’s history of mental illness.

Genes play a role in mood disorders, but they don’t write your destiny — the same way having a family history of alcoholism doesn’t mean you’ll become an alcoholic. I had been moderately depressed my whole life. I seized control of it when I stopped blaming my history and focused on my brain. Specifically, the negative thought loops that were keeping me down.

Research shows that factors such as unfulfilling work and increasing isolation affect our mood, but the idea of making grand life changes such as quitting your job so you can toss your meds isn’t a realistic option for most. And for many, such as me, that might not even do the trick.

I loved my first job. I worked with inspiring colleagues on meaningful projects, but the pressure of proving myself left me with butterflies in my stomach for a year. Anxiety worsened my depression, triggering a panic attack that left me gasping for air and feeling as though the world were disintegrating around me. A calming nurse and a prescription for Xanax may have saved my life.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Meditation Instructor Program

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