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Millions of Patients Are Coming. Can Nurses Care For Them? from Health and Hospitals Network

CHICAGO — With a wave of new patients expected to access primary care services when insurance provisions of the Affordable Care Act kick in starting in a little over 20 months, hospitals and other providers are bracing for a major shock to their already stretched delivery systems. And a growing chorus of health care leaders is calling for nurses to lead the way in filling expected gaps in primary care.

I heard two of those voices Wednesday at the American College of Healthcare Executives’ 2012 Congress, as Harvard Public Health Professor Jack Rowe and Tami Minnier, R.N., chief quality officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, discussed the implications and reactions from the field to the landmark 2010 Institute of Medicine report on the issue, Leading Change, Advancing Health. The report’s big-picture takeaways include more responsibilities for nurses, increased educational opportunities and the removal of scope of practice barriers — issues that writer Whitney L. J. Howell explores in depth in this month’s H&HN.

Rowe — who served on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee of Nursing that helped draft the report, noted that as global payments and accountable care organizations loom, nurses with increased responsibilities and better qualifications are going to be critically important.


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One Response to Millions of Patients Are Coming. Can Nurses Care For Them? from Health and Hospitals Network

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