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Nurse Educator Opportunities

The nurse educator field is both rewarding and fulfilling.  Nursing educators are paramount to the nursing field.   They are key components to continued nursing education for clinical nursing professionals.  The nursing educator position is also a stepping stone to more advanced roles in the nurse education process.   Nurse patient educators can move on to become adjunct faculty members supervising nursing students in their clinical rotations.   For more please read this article:

By Dr. Cathy Fant, PhD
From Nurse Together

I have been a collegiate nurse educator for over 25 years and it has provided me with many challenges. I have had the opportunity to interact with a myriad of students, from the younger to the older adult, including students from this country and many other nations. My salary does not compare well with a nurse clinician, so for me the satisfaction of seeing my students succeed has been what is important to me. However, if someone is concerned about the pay, that person can work as a clinician when one is not teaching. As a rule, faculty do not teach 12 months a year, so there is time to keep up one’s “skills” and earn additional money. Some institutions may indeed require the nurse maintains clinical skills.

For the full article please go here.

A nurse holding a clipboard

A Nurse Educator ready to teach.

It is clear to see the vital role that a nurse educator fills in the health care system.   Highly qualified and experienced nurses are in demand.  If you have your RN and a MSN, you can become a nursing educator.  If you are interested in nurse patient education please go to our webpage.




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