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Palliative Care and the Dying

Palliative Care and Death

We all want our loved ones to experience minimal pain in their final hours--hopefully not in a hospital

We all want our loved ones to experience minimal pain in their final hours–hopefully not in a hospital

Pastoral Care givers are thrilled that more options are becoming more available for dying patients to live their remaining lives at home and in decency.  Federal laws are looming that may help families afford this option and give their loved ones some peace in their final days.

Irma Faith Pal of Inquirer News writes about the growing need of good and affordable Palliative Care in her article, “Palliative Care: Helping the Dying “To Live Until He Dies”

For any family, it is devastating to hear doctors say there is nothing more they can do for the patient.

But with palliative care, patients and their families can face the prospect of death more courageously. It offers well-thought-out “goals of care” that ease suffering and give the patient the opportunity to die with dignity and in comfort.

“We are trying to change the way people face death and dying, which is a natural part of living,” said Dr. Roger Strong, a nurse practitioner at San Diego Hospice and the Institute of Palliative Medicine in California.

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