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Pastoral Thanatology Certification Article on Palliative Care Nurses

Palliative care nurses have a special calling to help the dying.  Palliative care nurses should consider earning a certification in Pastoral Thanatology.  Please review our Pastoral Thanatology Certification

Please review our pastoral thanatology certification

Please review our pastoral thanatology certification

The article, What’s It Like to Be a Palliative Care Nurse?, by Lisa J. Webster, RN, BSN, CHPN states,

“My last semester of nursing school was on the acute medical and surgical oncology unit at Virginia Commonwealth University Health Center in Richmond, Virginia. I felt passionate for caring for these oncology patients who were struck with newly diagnosed, life-threatening cancers of all types. They showed such courage and strength in the face of the unknown. In May of 2000, the Palliative Care Unit opened, which at that time was a new specialty at the hospital. Several of my coworkers transferred to that unit and urged me to do likewise. At first I resisted because I believed that working in that environment would be too sad. I had just experienced a sudden and traumatic loss in my own life and needed time to heal. But the patients I bonded with most were those who were facing their own mortality, so the following year I transferred to the palliative care unit, where I have worked for more than 16 years as a bedside nurse.

My training for this specialty has come from many sources. I learned about pain and symptom management from our nurse specialist, Patrick Coyne, who was instrumental in opening our unit. I learned about the signs and symptoms of impending death from a hospice nurse. I took the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) training and became a certified hospice and palliative care nurse.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Pastoral Thanatology Certification


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