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Patient Education and How It Can Help With Compliance.

With the size of the medical community these days, patient education is a very important process.   Having a well educated nursing staff is key to being able to education the patient on their medical procedures.   Nurse educators are able to educate patients and nurses.   This makes nursing education a growing field in nursing.   For more on the importance of patient education please read below.

By – Dr. Jodi DeMarco
From – beckershospitalreview.com

Patient Education And Why It Is Important.

The hospital, Ms. Peacock adds, is partnering with two outpatient facilities to continue their educational outreach effort after patients go home, focused initially on congestive heart patients and patients at risk for central line infections.

Maintaining awareness of population-specific tenets and standards plays an important role at UAMS. All communication and information is available in multiple languages, the hospital has certified interpreters and offers a language line providing translators fluent in dozens of languages. They also have a patient education database, which helps staff deal effectively with cultural differences relating to areas besides language, such as nutrition, family structure, touch and eye contact.

For the full article please go here.

With the growing need for quality patient education, any nursing professional looking to specialize themselves should become a nurse patient educator.    Where else can you always be in depend and serve such an important role?

For more information on becoming a nurse educator, please visit our website.

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