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Pet Loss Grief Article on Losing a Dog

Great article on Pet Loss Grief.

Please also review our pet loss grief counseling program

Please also review our pet loss grief counseling program

Losing a dog can be a painful time especially with how close one can become with his canine friend.

Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Program

The article, “Of grief and renewal, raising and losing a great dog” states

“Grief is an emotion that’s hard to define and even harder to understand. There are levels of it depending on the loss, the depths of some I can’t fathom. But the pattern of healing, I imagine, is the same in each.
Some stages of grieving just take longer to achieve healing than others. Some never really can fully work their magic. But suffering one is always necessary to yield the other.
I have suffered the loss of love and of family. I have lost both of my parents, one to cancer, one to old age, but both past their 70th birthdays. The older you get the more you acquire the callous to keep the wound from cutting so deep.
Thank God, I have never been forced to endure the pain of losing a child or a life partner. My son is about to leave home for college. My wife, whose 30th wedding anniversary with this dried-out catcher’s mitt will somehow be reached on Tuesday, still remains by my side. I’ve been blessed.
But, all three of us have endured a particular grief within the past year that we’ve chosen to extend and allow to saturate us. Some people won’t understand the depth of this wound and I don’t expect them to. Others will understand completely.
Eleven months ago, we suddenly lost our German shepherd Rocco. To say he was a special dog does not do him justice.”

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Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program

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