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Pet Loss Grief Counseling Training Article on Legitimacy of Grief over Pet Loss

Good article about the disenfranchised grief of pet loss.  Noone should be shamed for grieving a pet.  To some the loss of a pet is a huge thing to overcome.  Love has no barriers and for our pets, many of them are like family

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The article, “Don’t Shame Me For Grieving My Dog’s Death”, by Lindsay Holmes states,


The loss of a pet is a real loss.  Please also review our pet loss grief counseling training

The loss of a pet is a real loss. Please also review our pet loss grief counseling training

“U want to cancel bc ur dog back home died? Haha.”

A few months after I moved to New York in 2013, I learned that my beloved childhood yorkie, Sapp, passed away. I was supposed to go on a date that night ― my first one ever since moving to the city ― and I felt like I just couldn’t handle it. That was the text I got in response to suggesting we reschedule.

I went on the date because I felt bad inconveniencing him. (Ah, young Lindsay. Still had so much to learn.) Part of me hoped that it would be a good distraction. When I got there, I was met with more condescension about my emotions.

Unsurprisingly, the dude didn’t last. But the impact of his dismissive attitude ― which made me feel like I was ridiculous for being sad over my pet ― did. And it wasn’t until a few months later that I actually processed (and cried) over Sapp being gone.

A simple Google search for “pet grief” yields millions of results, proof that many people mourn the loss of a pet. The theme even permeates pop culture: Books and movies have long explored what happens when our beloved dogs predecease us, from classics like “Old Yeller” and “Lassie” to newer tales like Marley and Me and A Dog’s Purpose.

But people can still report feeling embarrassed for grieving a furry friend, especially when others make insensitive comments.”

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