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Pet Loss Grief Program Article on a Dog’s Grief

Good article on how the pet, in this case, the dog, grieves the loss of an owner.  Love is a two way street and dogs can grieve.  It is important to realize in pet loss grief that the pet can experience owner loss grief.

Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Program

Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Program

Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Program

The article, Why Do Some Dogs Stay By Their Owners’ Graves?, by Mike Clark states,

“Research indicates that dogs are able to feel very deep connections to humans, and they experience many emotions similarly to the way we do. As dog lovers, we already know that the love our dogs feel for us goes way beyond the need to have a food provider, and science backs up that claim. In a study published in Behavioral Processes, researchers found that the part of dogs’ brains that light up when they detect their owners’ scents is the same part of the human brain that reacts to visual beauty and is associated with the early stages of being in love. Additionally, Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, says that research shows that dogs have the mental capabilities of a two to three-year-old human child. So clearly, dogs are able to feel the pain of loss very deeply, and they have some ability to mentally process and react to that loss.

However, whether they can understand the finality of death is not really clear when it comes to science. Dogs can easily detect the scents of their owners, and human bodies, especially when they are not embalmed, emit many different chemicals that dogs can pick up with their noses. Dog can certainly smell and understand that there is a difference between a living body and one that is decomposing, but do they know that their owner isn’t coming back to their body? Do they know that death is irreversible?”

To read the entire article, please click here


Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Program


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