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Pet lovers honor their deceased furry friends


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) – The Lights of Love Memory Tree Ceremony, celebrating and honoring the bonds between pet owners and their deceased pets, was held Thursday night at the New Hartford Animal Hospital.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

The loss of a pet is very painful for people, and grief counselors can give pet owners a way to express their grief during the Holidays

One way is a Pet Christmas Tree.  The article lists how a local vet office is allowing pet owners to put personally made ornaments representing their pet.  The local vet has put up a tree in the lobby for owners to put ornaments that depict their pet on the tree.  The goal is to help alleviate pet grief loss and to allow an outlet for these owners to express their love for their pet.  This is an excellent idea and a good way for local animal clinics or veterinarian offices to help their customers express grief over the loss of a loved one.

If you do not have a public tree, perhaps buy or make an ornament for your tree to remember your pet.  You can make it, add a picture or even buy an ornament of the breed of pet you owned.  These small reminders can help pet owners feel the presence of their pet still in their life.

If you are interested in taking courses in grief counseling, then please review our grief counseling program.  Our grief counseling program consists of four core courses.  Qualified professionals can become certified in our grief counseling program after the courses are completed.

If one wishes to become recertified in our grief counseling program, then after three years they can renew.  In the meantime, please review our blog and articles and if you have any other questions on the grief counseling program, please let us know.


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