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Program in Grief Counseling: Using Art As A Positive Way to Channel Grief

Program in Grief Counseling: Overcoming Grief Through Artistic Channels

One of the ways people overcome grief and adapt to the new loss is through channeling the sadness into creation and positive memorials of the loss.  Rituals, memorials and other forms of positive commeration are all ways people cope with grief.  Art is no different and is also a healthy way to express grief.  The story below is about a man who used art to overcome grief

Lou Fancher in “East County Times” writes about the inspiring story of Guy Combes in his article, “Antiohc Artist Turns Grief Into Inspiration”

The human propensity for turning profound loss into blessed opportunity can be found in the life and work of Antioch’s Guy Combes.

Eight years after the shocking death of his father, the well-respected British painter Simon Combes, the 42-year old wildlife artist and environmental activist has pulled a renewed spirit and career from the ashes of his grief.

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