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Sign you might have Adult ADHD

A frustrated woman pulling at her hair

Adult ADHD can be frustrating for everyone.

Adult ADHD is a disorder that starts as a child and continues onto adulthood.   Some of the symptoms are relatively the same; poor attention span, trouble with tasks, laziness, etc.   In an adult, however, ADD can lead to reckless driving, marital or relationship problems, chronic unemployment, lack of ambition to name a few.   This is why learning about adult attention deficit disorder is important.  A good article about this form of attention deficit disorder is:

By Catherine Holland
From AZfamily.com

Sign you might have Adult ADHD

Symptoms of adult ADHD include trouble getting organized, reckless driving, marital troubles, extreme distractibility and poor listening skills.

“These are some of the most common symptoms,” Mollen said.

Additional symptoms include restlessness or an inability to relax, trouble starting a task, chronic lateness, angry outbursts and trouble prioritizing.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be constantly present or vary based on situational circumstances.

“There are a lot of symptoms, but they can be treated,” Mollen continued. “It [adult ADHD] should be treated.”

If you feel you know someone who might be suffering from adult ADHD, you are not alone.   There are trained professionals out there who can help.   If you are interested in learning more about attention deficit disorder and how to treat it, you might want to check out our website for more information.

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