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Spiritual Counseling Program Article on Spirituality

Good article for those interested in spirituality and focusing on bettering it and becoming in better touch with it

Please review our Spiritual Counseling Program

Please review our Spiritual Counseling Program

Please also review our spiritual counseling program

The article, “5 signs you are out of touch with your spirituality” by Mayon Colon states

“You could be in a crowded room filled with family and friends, and yet you feel lonely and disconnected. You pull away from the people who care about you and from the things that bring you joy. And you struggle against those negative feelings. But unfortunately, ignoring this can affect your well-being, your relationships and how you function.

There was a period during my early adulthood when I isolated myself. I was physically present, but not mentally or emotionally. I wanted to be alone. My thoughts were built on frustration and grudges. I didn’t see the bright side of things. I refused to listen to family when they said God would take care of things. How was that possible? I prayed to Him, but I didn’t see change. I was upset with God.

It took a lot of family support and the drive to want help before I understood God wasn’t ignoring me. He was listening, but He was waiting for me to draw closer to Him. He needed me to embrace my spirituality. When I finally did, I was able to let go of what weighed me down. I gained back control of my life and strengthened my emotional and mental stability. Once I accepted God, I never looked back.

Below are five signs you are not in touch with your spirituality:”

To read the entire article please click here


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