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Stress Management Article on Managing Stress at Work

Good article on dealing with stress at work and navigating through it with your team.  Reducing stress is critical in Stress Management and can be used in the professional setting to calm employees and increase productivity.  Please click here to learn more about stress reduction.

Managing stress at work and leading the team to success can be difficult and stress management skills are key

Managing stress at work and leading the team to success can be difficult and stress management skills are key

The article, How To Negotiate With Your Team In Stressful Situations, by Tanya Tarr lists how a team leader can help manage his or her team through stressful and difficult situations.  She states,

 “My whole team is going to quit,” read a text from my friend and former client, Janice (not her real name). Janice is a new manager, working for an exciting start-up in the health and tech space. As is often the dynamic of start-up life, every task is urgent and everything needed to be done yesterday. But Janice knew this approach to project management was creating near-toxic conditions for her newly-created team of ten. It was burning Janice out, too. She needed tactical help in figuring out how to better lead the situation. The company was only a few weeks away from the founder pitching for a big investment, and time was drawing near for their next highly-anticipated product launch. This was not the time for office toxicity.

Janice and her team are not alone in feeling stressed out, nor unique in the risk of stress turning toxic. We live in stressful times. It might be due to the 24-hour news cycle, student loan debt, health issues, commuter traffic, family duties, unrealistic deadlines – whatever the case may be, stress is a pervasive part of most people’s daily experience. Consider too that negotiation of any type is sometimes considered a stress-inducing activity, one that can be even trickier when you’re trying to lead a team from diverse backgrounds or job functions.

But here’s a surprising angle to consider: stress doesn’t need to become toxic. In fact, stress can forge strong relationships of trust and create high performing teams if the stressful situation is navigated correctly. Not all stress is handled in the same way. If we break down how a manager might consider working with her team by stress response type, new problem-solving tactics can emerge. Those solutions can range from better communication tools to discovering new ways to do project management. You may not have considered these tactics to be a form of negotiation, but it most certainly is a form of bargaining and dealmaking. The difference is the resources being negotiated are harder to quantify. The management of time is being negotiated. So is the currency I call social assets, which are resources like trust, respect, or reputation – all aspects that can help you make or break strong relationships.”

To read the entire article  please click here

Please also review our stress management education program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs,


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