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Stress Management Certification Article on Stress and Resilience

Good article on stress management.  Resilience is key when fighting anything and stress is no different

Please also review our Stress Management Certification

Please also review our Stress Management Certification

Please review our Stress Management Certification

The article, STRESS MANAGEMENT HOLLYWOOD STYLE: 7 Tips for Building Your Resilience, by James Porter states,

“Here’s a story about resilience that comes right out of a Hollywood movie, or at least the recasting of that movie. The film is entitled: All the Money in the World. It stars Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg and Christopher Plummer and it’s coming out in theatres this week. Like all Hollywood productions they were done shooting “principal photography” for this film months ago. And up until the first week of November, i.e., just SEVEN weeks ago, this film’s starring role was filled NOT by Christopher Plummer but by Kevin Spacey.

As soon as director Ridley Scott (who is 79 years of age) started hearing the disturbing news about Kevin Spacey he quickly realized that his choice of stars was literally going to sink the movie before it was even released. Rather than delay the premiere, planned for December 22, Scott called up Plummer, Williams and Wahlberg and got them all on board with the idea of reshooting every single scene that had included Spacey.

When I read about this in an article from Vanity Fair (VF), I realized that Scott had demonstrated just about all of the following steps for creating resilience in a very real way.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Stress Management Certification

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