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Stress Management Program Article on Managing Employee Stress

Good article on how stress management techniques and programs in the office can help employees in the workplace

Managing stress at work is critical. Please also review our Stress Management Program

Managing stress at work is critical. Please also review our Stress Management Program

Please also review our Stress Management Program

The article, Employees, employers benefit from programs to reduce workplace stress, by Andrea Williams states,

“Workplace stress may originate on the job, but it eventually extends to every aspect of an employee’s life, affecting everything from their personal relationships to their finances and, of course, their health.  “The short-term effects of stress can be physical, like muscle tension, increased heart rate, rising blood pressure or nausea,” says Michelle Jackson, the associate vice president of health and productivity for Unum, a Tennessee-based disability insurance provider. “But there are also effects that impact a worker’s productivity, like difficulty making decisions, following through with tasks, meeting deadlines or managing workload expectations.”

Over the long term, this stress can lead to more serious and chronic health conditions, including memory loss, impaired cognitive function, lack of confidence and increased risk for high blood pressure, stroke or heart attacks. “(At Unum) we see a significant number of disability claims each year for conditions caused or exacerbated by stress — many of which could have been prevented with proper stress management strategies,” says Jackson.

And these claims just don’t affect the individual. As can be expected, every stressed-out employee has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. “For employers, this chronic stress translates to absences, employee turnover, working while ill and poor performance — all of which are very costly consequences for a business,” Jackson says.”


To read the entire article, click here

Please also review the Stress Management Program

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