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Stress Management Program Article on Managing Work Stress

Good article on learning how to manage stress while at work.

Please also review our Stress Management Program to learn more on how to manage stress and also how to become certified in our Stress Management Program

Please review our Stress Management Program

Please review our Stress Management Program

The article, Surprising New Finding on How to Manage Stress at Work, by

Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. states,

“How do you manage your stressat work?

When I ask different professionals this question, here are the types of responses I get:

“I take a break, put my feet on my desk, and pop in my favorite music” (Jacob, 24, management)

“The first thing I do on my lunch break is grab a quick smoke outside. And, I talk to a couple people about my weekend” (Cindy, 48, teacher)

“My preference is to go for a walk outside. I get a breath of fresh air and look at the trees” (Mary Beth, 37, healthcare)

These are all examples of using relaxation to manage stress. It turns out, these people might not be using an optimal approach to stress.

New research out this month from scientists at the University of Michigan found that learning something new at work served as a stress buffer, whereas relaxation strategies had no effect. In other words, doing something active (engaging yourself with learning) rather than passive (distracting yourself by relaxation) was crucial. The researchers conducted two studies of employees, one involved “experience sampling” which is an approach that studied the employees’ experiences “in the moment” at work.”


To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Stress Management Program

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