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Stress Management Training Program Article on Managing Stress

Good article on controlling stress and gaining peace in one’s life

Please also review our Stress Management Training Program

The article,

6 Ways To Stop Stressing About Things You Can’t Control,  by Amy Morin  states,

Controlling stress in one's life.  Please also review our stress management training program

Controlling stress in one’s life. Please also review our stress management training program

“There’s a brutal truth about life that some people refuse to accept—you have no control over many of the things that happen to you.

People who resist this truth fall into two categories—control freaks or worry warts. Control freaks believe if they can gain enough control over others, and the situations they find themselves in, they can somehow prevent bad things from happening.

Worry warts, on the other hand, fret about everything from natural disasters to deadly diseases. It’s as if they believe thinking hard enough about all the potential worst case scenarios will somehow keep them safe.

But neither of these strategies can prevent a catastrophe. Instead, worry warts and control freaks put their time and energy into the wrong places. And ultimately, those strategies backfire and create even more stress.

Here are six ways to stop stressing about the things you can’t control:”

To read the entire article please click here

Please also review our stress management training program

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